Ingredients of a User Friendly Web Design to Optimize Online Business

Nowadays both the conventional market and the online market are commanded by the buyers and not the sellers. A website aiming at being successful on the internet should be user oriented and able to convert the visitor into a buyer. Making a website user friendly is better said than done. Some of the key issues in the making of a user friendly website are as follows.


Once the website is hosted on the internet, the website owner usually does not know who is accessing the website. The key issue is that whoever tries to have access to the website should not feel disappointed because of the website being inaccessible. This factor is prominent for the visitors who are physically handicapped. For a website every single click is crucial for generating business and revenue.


The looks of the website should be made attractive by embedding of the images in an appropriate format. The CSS style used should be single. The visual content should be carefully chosen and not irrelevant.

Images in the back ground:

A lot of background images make the website heavy and the downloading speed of the website plummets. There are chances that the background images make it difficult for the visitor to read the content. This can put off the visitor.

Ability to convince:

It is only after getting convinced about the quality, utility and price of the product or service that a buyer buys a product or service. This insinuates that the website should be able to convince the buyer on all the three aspects.


The objective of the website needs to be made clear in the early stages of web design. The website should be designed after considering the products or the services to be offered and the market segment to be targeted.

Target Market:

The website needs to be designed after considering the buyer behavior and preferences. The market is very competitive and buyer oriented. Every business tries to woe the buyer to get their products or services sold. The buyer needs to be focused in the web design. This is the best way to make the website user friendly.


The visitor on visiting the website should feel as if the website has been designed especially to meet his/her needs. This not only increases the chances of the visitor getting converted to buyer but also increases the referral market. The buyer can be retained easily. Usually retaining a buyer is always cheaper than creating a new buyer.


The website should be easy to navigate and compatible with the browsers. If the website cannot be download just because the browser platform is not compatible with the website technology, the whole exercise of building the website can prove to be futile.


The color scheme should be such that the content of the website are easily visible.

The above mentioned points throw light on the making of a user friendly website. A professional and experience web design company should be able to throw more light on this.

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